A lyrical and healing bodily “voyage” that the client (or “voyager”) takes under the secure conveyance of a trained practitioner or “vehicle,” Kama Flight Massage is an improvisational somatic practice that reconnects the voyager to the original trusting joy of her childhood physicality.  Distilling and blending the dynamism of contact improv, the serene flow of Watsu, the deep tissue release of Thai massage and the exhilaration of aerial yoga, Kama Flight Massage comprises a new modality for reanimating the body. 

Supported on a massage table, with her body borne aloft on the continually moving fulcrum of the vehicle’s body, the voyager is moved through a wide range of extended postures with peaks of gentle but deep stretching.  Using a suite of practiced movements, such as pivoting his body under different joints of the voyager’s body, the vehicle is able to move the voyager throughout the course of a one-to-three hour session. During this session, he safely levers the voyager’s body into increasingly extended and pleasurable positions that combine deep hip opening, pivoting and spinal decompression that, collectively, evoke a deep state of surrender.  The voyage itself is universally experienced as pleasurable, feeling to voyagers like both flying and, at the same time, being deeply massaged.   Among healing modalities, Kama Flight Massage is distinguished by its improvisatory flow and its playful, exploratory freedom.

As enchanting as a child’s being safely spun in the air by a parent, as flowing as tango in the arms of an experienced dancer, Kama Flight Massage taps bodily delight for healing.  Trauma carried in the body and unconscious fears and prejudices that limit the voyager’s capacity for full physical vitality are erased by the persistence of the ride’s giddy delights.  During the ride’s extended course, voyagers’ bodies progressively relax as fatigue disables bodily tightness, the unpredictability of the improvisatory flow reduces resistance, the continual dependability of the support enhances their trust and they increasingly surrender to the ride as a path to euphoric exploration.

Kama Flight Massage provides voyagers a critical “reset” of their relationship to their body, marshalling the body’s intelligence – at a tissue-level – to fully inhabit its physicality and rebuilding the body’s trust in its capacity for deep and fearless pleasure.

Park McGinty / Written by my Friend, Teacher and  Student of Kama Flight  1938-2015