"But there was also an intimacy shared between you two that made me think how such an experience could equal the excitement of actual lovemaking"

  The acro-yoga was an extraordinary thing to behold on so many levels. I've seen and done acro yoga myself but have never seen it in the way it was done that night with one person seeming to take complete control of the other. I was deeply impressed, intrigued, and inspired by his skills. Only someone with that high level of technique and confidence and awareness could throw someone around like that keeping them completely safe and comfortable at the same time.

He also had a real knack for pace and rhythm and maintaining a constant shifting of speed and intensity. After many smooth graceful poses he would suddenly take a big risk and dramatically change position, all the while maintaining absolute control and trust of his partner.

The resulting feeling was so multilayered: It was certainly sensual and at times erotic, definitely aided by the fact of you being an adorable creature yourself with a fantastic physique. But there was also an intimacy shared between you two that made me think how such an experience could equal the excitement of actual lovemaking. The unspoken communication of two bodies working together. The trust a submissive partner gives to the active one to move their body into feelings of bliss. The deep listening and instinctual feeling the active partner has to use to read the other, holding them so close as to sense the needs and willingness of each muscle and joint to stretch and move and test their limits.

At the same time it was easy to look past the obvious sensuality of it and be amazed at the real therapeutic nature of what was happening. It just looked like it felt soooo good. It seemed your body was moving and stretching in every way it needed to but possibly couldn't without the inspiration of another's guidance and touch. And he really seemed to do it with a sense of curiosity, experimentation, and fun, like a jazz artist trying to see how each new note could add to new possibilities. He appeared a virtuoso with your body as his instrument.

I was amazed to see how easily you were able to just give in and trust and even more amazed when another friend of mine who has never experienced something like that was also able to completely give over to him. Again, like jazz, 90 percent of the time it appeared very graceful and beautiful in the limits of form your body was taking and his dexterity moving from position to position. The other 10 percent was filled with risky and not always perfect experiments which were also absolutely necessary and added to the drama of the story being told, (and there certainly was a beautiful story being told) and those moments were instantly transitioned out of back into grace once more. You seemed at once totally submitted to him, yet at the same time your body had an knowledge of precisely how to follow which was not totally passive at all, but rather active in a completely free and instinctual way. At no time did it feel dangerous, only exciting. Never sloppy, only free. It filled me with such strong desire to be able to try and be proficient at both sides of such an experience and feel what true sensuality is all about - the communicative and healing powers of touch.

As you can see, watching that was a profound and enlightening experience for me and I'm happy to passionately tell you of my reactions. As a performer myself, the one thing I can tell you about filming something like that would be to be aware of how tricky it might be to repeat such an experience. You will need to put yourself back in a place of total newness and let go of all pre-conceived notions and expectations. Don't over think it or it will translate into your body and you will lose the pure freedom and instinct of the first time. Do whatever you need to to put yourself into that same state of trust and openness and purity. You were exquisitely beautiful to watch"...

Matthew S.  January 2011

"This practice is a pathway to awakening within oneself a spiritual experience of sensuality"

When I think of the Kama Flight Massage I’ve done with Roland I am grateful for all that it has offered me.  It has enabled me to open more fully, to surrender without fear or self-consciousness to the beauty of the movement trusting wholly in his intuition to guide my body.  In watching others I am most fascinated by the way in which each individual expresses this surrender differently.  Watching a woman as she at first tentatively allows a man to manipulate her until finally she and he become one being in movement; the unity that is our human mission becomes so wonderfully illustrated by these two bodies

Rachel  A. ,   Massage Therapist

"it's never too late to explore this sacred part of our being"

We all know how vulnerable we can be when things get to the intimate part of our life. We also know how important intimacy and sexuality are! What a shame that most of us weren't raised in a way that celebrates sexuality and our bodies! What a happiness that it's never too late to explore this sacred part of our being. 
Kama Session with Roland allowed me to discover my body and energy hidden inside it in a new way! All techniques used during the session showed me the real abilities of my body and mind to be open to sexual energy. My body felt great as I just had the best massage ever. And my mind was in peace and joy after the session.  Thank you, Roland!!!

Irina C.    Student Undergraduate Baruch College

"Mesmerized... I felt as if I was a voyeur invited into my own sexual awakening"

A skeptic and a bit conservative at that, I had reservations about handing my body over to Roland for a Kama session.  Had it not been for his soothing presence and his sincere and focused passion, I would have walked away from a life altering experience. A single session managed to awaken a level of sensuality that I didn't even know existed.  His touch and guidance is nurturing and raw.  Like a good dance partner, I followed his impeccable lead and knew that not only could I trust his hands and his body, but that I could trust mine.  Mesmerized... I felt as if I was a voyeur invited into my own sexual awakening; distanced from the world I thought I knew and transported into a welcoming place of sensual enlightenment.  

  Emily S.   RN Hospice Nurse